How to stake with us?

Radix Wallet

We recommend you read the official babylon migration guide for how to stake/unstake from a validator and setup your wallet or check out this great video from the team.

However, if you do have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask. We are always happy to help out.

If you're keen to learn more about the future state direction of the wallet, check out this blog post about the Road Map.

Our Validator Id

To stake Radix (XRD), investors will visit a web page specifically designed for staking. They can also use third-party staking sites. Staking is as simple as sending XRD to a validator, like the Official Radix Dashboard. In return, investors receive tokens called Liquid Stake Units (LSU) that represent their stake. These tokens can be freely transferred or used as desired.

If investors want to retrieve their staked XRD, they can unstake by sending their LSU back to the validator. The validator calculates the amount of XRD to be returned and moves it to a separate pool. A special NFT token called a claim token is given to the investor, specifying when and how much XRD they can claim. Once the waiting period is over, investors can exchange the claim token for their XRD.

To stake with us check us out on the Official Radix Dashboard.


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