Why do we charge a fee?

To cover our running costs for cloud hosting fees and for our time to keep everything up & running smoothly, we currently charge a fee of 0.75% . This fee is drawn down from any staking rewards you earn whilst staking with us and works the same for all other validators. For more details, please refer to the Radix Staking and Incentive Rewards Guide

Fee Change Process

Like any other validator we can change the fee % at any time. If we plan to increase the percentage, we would give you advance notification via our twitter account, the discord channel and via your Wallet by sending a transaction with a message attached to give you an opportunity to unstake and restake with another validator of your choice.

It's not something we plan to change any time soon, as it has a huge impact to our stakers to unstake. This is due to the unstake process taking about 2 weeks currently and during this time you accrue no rewards. So please do factor this in when choosing an appropriate validator

Historical Fee Schedule

The table below outlines the schedule of historical fees set by Logical Moon

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