Why stake with us?

Validator Code of Conduct

We are signatories to the Validator Code of Conduct which means we are committed to abiding to a set of high standards outlined by the Node Runner community. The code of conduct was introduced as a response to the behavior of certain Node Runners not providing the level of commitment required, which in turn had an adverse impact of the network as a whole.

Low Fees

We are committed to running the network at the highest level and providing the lowest cost service possible, without compromising quality. For that reason, you won't see us offer any NFTs, airdrops, etc. outside of the ones on offer with our partners. In order to provide a low cost service, we run lean.

That's not to say we cannot/won't scale up if required. We have proven we can scale up/scale down using our current cloud provider in about 10 minutes. Impact is limited to failing over to the upgraded Node, like any updates to the nodes we do.


We've been working hard on our website to incorporate a view of our Node health. This is so we can ensure you have a view of the state of our Main Validator node at any time. It's currently running on a 15 minute schedule, so the information displayed is only ever 15 minutes old at any point in time.

Don't worry we don't use this for our team to track the Node health, as we leverage our cloud providers' alerting capabilities. This is merely keep our running costs low, so we can keep our fees as low as possible.

Uptime Percentage

A key aspect of running a validator is maintaining high uptime. It's important to us, the network as a whole and most importantly our stakers. For this reason, we have 24x7 alerting and monitoring and maintain a back node for high availability (so we can failover quickly, whilst we resolve issues or maintain updates).

As validators miss proposals, it results in the network slowing down and resulting in longer epochs (i.e. indirectly missed rewards for everyone staking and validating) and missed rewards for our stakers. The larger the staked amount, the longer the delay to the epoch.

You can find a breakdown of our up time percentage on the StakeSafe Dashboard which tracks our uptime since Babylon go live (28/09/2023).

Ongoing Maintenance

Following recent events, we plan to introduce a policy where we update and restart our nodes on a monthly basis and fail over to ensure the nodes continue to operate smoothly.


OCI Swap

On 16/11/2021 we became an official Node Running partner of OCISwap. Anyone staking to our top 100 Radix validator is eligible for an $OCI airdrop.

How do I participate?

All you need to do to participate is

  1. Join the Ocicatbot at t.me/ocicatbot

  2. Register your Radix wallet address via the following command: /wallet rdx…

  3. Register your Twitter account via the following command: /twitter @myusername

You should also consider signing up to the Official Telegram Channel to keep up to date or check out the official website airdrop.ociswap.com.

Logical Moon Partner Bonus

Now for the cool bit, anyone staking with a partner validator (like us) will be eligible to a further 10% as part of the airdrop. So get on board and start staking to really get the Radix network going and earn some sweet $OCI.


We are pleased to announce that from 19/03/2022 we will be partnering with Delphibets ($DPH), the first prediction market exclusively on Radix DLT. By staking with us, you will receive a bonus of additional 25% of $DPH stake airdrops (Rewards will be capped to nodes below the 2.5% stake threshold for the bonus airdrops, which we fall below of)

To learn more about Delphibets and participate on the $DPH airdrop please join their telegram: https://t.me/delphibets (you will also need to register on https://t.me/delphibetsbot ) or follow them on twitter: @delphibets

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